Im scared.

Scared to let myself think about him too much because i know if i do im probably not going to be able to stop. Scared because i think deep down i really do love him but i just can’t figure out what kind of love. Platonic? Romantic? Some odd mix of both pieces and parts of each but not all?

I can see us being affectionate. And we already are intimate emotionally (not at all physically), and I can’t see us being intimate sexually. But i see myself loving him. And i can see myself creating some kind of a life with him? I can see us thogether. I described him as my brother before, knowing deep down it was just a blanket to cover what i was actuay feeling at the time. But the more i share with him and the more he gives me what i need when everything in my head tells me he won’t be able to….

It’s getting harder to ignore. Some days i DO feel physically attracted to him. But not every day. I don’t know. 

I want to kiss him and try it. See how he would feel. I’d like to try him on physically, see if our bodies could fit as well as our minds. If ohr connection is purely on an electrical current basis from the wavelengths put off from our brains or if it’s one felt on every plane of existence.

Why does art fail to encompass this aspect of relationships and people? Why is my only model for this situation one where i realize on the day of his wedding that I’ve been in love with him all along and i crash the wedding and we live happily ever after? Why is that the only scenario where a woman and a man can have such a close, intimate emotional relationship? Why can’t someone make me a step by step model for how to navigate the more complex situations, like this one?

I feel like i love him.

I can’t decide how many forms of love there are or if there’s only one.

I want to try him on though. I want to know what he feels like. I want to know what we would feel like. How we would fit and how our skin might feel or look together. If our bodies could move as gracefully together so easily as our minds already do. 

My curiosity is starting to get the best of me.


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