I hate sunday. I hate that i have nothing scheduled to do only things i should be doing. I hate eating. I hate not eating. I hate school and homework. I hate how i see myself as a person; needy, insecure, dumb…

I feel like i can do neuroscience, but i also feel like i could fall flat on my face too easily.

I want a chicken quesadilla. I want chocolate cake. But i like myself empty. Void. 

I want to be a blackhole. Eat up anything and everything within a five mile radius but so that whatever enters ceases to exist. Put in emotion and it crumbles to nothing. Food comes in and equates to nothing. 

I just remember when i had my cards read, and i got two archetypes; the emperor and the high priestess; two serious opposites when it comes to emotions and nothing describes me better.


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