12 ounces

7 am:

drink some juice; as it hits your empty stomach you feel like there’s no room for even the liquid to slide through, it’s shrunk down to such a small size. then make a single slice of toast, but don’t eat it until you’ve had a full 12 ounces of water.

12 pm:

the stomach growls, remembering that it wants food, but instead you tell yourself you’re just thirsty. “Just give it three minutes, it’ll be gone soon.” and sure enough the minutes pass along with the uncomfortable churning.

3 pm:

home from school. you let yourself eat a little snack. a handful of chips maybe, or a few pieces of turkey. so long as you don’t forget to knock back those 12 ounces of water beforehand.

7 pm:

dinnertime. you get the smallest bowl from the cabinet. “oh, i’m not that hungry right now, but i’ll have a little” the words slip out and the small fork full of food slowly replaces it, followed by a gulp from another 12 ounce glass of water.

9 pm:

time for bed, but lying there you can’t help but acknowledge the hole in your middle, the clamminess of your hands from low blood sugar. “i just need some more water” and you go again to fill the empty space with 12 more ounces of cold liquid.


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