what is love to him

i asked him once if he had ever been in love.

he said he felt your life was probably pretty dull if you hadn’t experienced something like it by the time you turned 20.

now, i wonder how it felt to him.

was it a calm, warm, and fuzzy feeling?

or chaotic and hot?

did it steady him in his footing,

or drag him loose under the waves, lost in the turbulence?

if he could experience that kind of love again,

would he run to it?

Or ease himself back in slowly.

Testing the waters first with a toe,

Then gradually easing himself in the water,

Until it covers his face just below the nose?

I wonder if he would describe the waters as dark and opaque

or if he imagines it more as a clear and shimmering blue?

What did love feel like to him?

Is it different now than back then?


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