Would you believe I’m writing by moonlight right now? It’s a super moon, closest and brightest it’ll get for the next eighteen years.

There’s lots of things going in my head. How unusual, right? It started with more of the same old grievances regarding Doug. And it’s strange how just stepping outside with a cup of tea to look at the moon can change that so quickly.

I remember once, when I was about 9 or 10, I was looking out my window at the moon and the clouds were passing over it so fast it made the sky look like it was spinning. I remember being convinced that the world must be ending and running to my mom’s room, panicked, to check. She told me it just looks like that because of the wind pushing the clouds. How silly of me to believe that the moon was about to fall out of the sky. And now tonight it looks much the same way.

The same old questions have run through my head by this point; do you think it gets lonely up there? Why is the moon moving away from us? What makes it such a powerful symbol throughout human culture that many even today are still easily awed by it?

I’m shivering now. My toes feel like ice cubes. The clouds are trying to hide the moon but it’s shining too bright to be lost completely.

And of course there thoughts about the presidential election in my head and how Trump won, though my thoughts do focus more on how this impacts the world at large. The world – we, humanity – is hurting. Hatred and anger is rampant while we are all lacking in compassion and empathy and it’s hard for me to not worry about the world, about us. Will we be able to come out of this better or just badly hurt? We are on the brink of what feels like social upheaval or at the very least a change of some sort. One that has not been seen on such a scale in decades. It’s still early on enough that not many of us can see it and that there is still the chance this could all blow over rather peacefully and uneventful.

We are standing on the edge of immense change if we can only be brave enough to face it with courage. I am reminded of what Lisa told me only a few months ago. “It’s my personal belief that the world is fluid. You have the bad here and the good here and it’s constantly moving back and forth, in and out, balancing and unbalancing. Right now there is more bad than good, but it will right itself again in time. You just have to wait it out.”

And sitting here tonight, I can feel it in my gut. No matter what happens, no matter the horrible things that do have the potential to occur, the rain will still fall, the sun will still shine. Winds will still blow through trees, waves will continue to crash against the shores and rivers will keep flowing. Seasons will go on changing, the sun will rise and set. And the moon will continue to hang in the sky, chasing away the shadows at night.

I read and watch my sister navigating this and doing what she can to help the world in whatever small way to heal. I admire her for that and for the compassion and empathy that she is actively cultivating and growing and trying to spread. I want to encourage everyone else to do the same. I know I largely remain silent here, but this is the one thing I have to say regarding this, the one topic I feel that remaining silent on is equivalent to sitting in the bed of apathy that too many of us have learned to adopt and feel comfortable in. Be brave. Be compassionate. Listen to the people around you, stop yelling. Compromise. Act of love, not fear.

This is not the moon falling out of the sky or the world ending. I refuse to believe that. This is just the clouds passing over.


3 thoughts on “Moonlight.

  1. Your literature inspires me to write about myself (although my own story is not nearly as … “exciting” as yours). Do you have any tips? How did you get started? Is WordPress a good site to do so on? I’m really looking for any advice you have since your site is so wonderful ๐Ÿ™‚

    • wow i am so flattered!!! not only on your compliments for my writing but also just that you would describe my life as exciting omg.
      i got started writing mostly with fictional things, like writing novels or short stories (never finished a single one lol but came up with and drafted ideas and would write quite a few chapters for some of them). i would also write and film little “tv shows” with these toys called littlest pet shops. This was between ages of like 11-13. I’ve also been in honors english classes since I was 12 which I’m sure has helped quite a bit. And when I was 14 I started journaling while I was really depressed and found that poetry was something i really liked doing (though obviously most of my poems don’t necessarily follow “traditional” poetry “rules”.) Back then it was pretty shit and also really negative and about stuff I wouldn’t say I agree with now. And then i stopped writing for like almost a year and when I was 15 got really sick and also depressed again and so that kept me from writing too until I started recovering and decided to journal again. So i didn’t really begin writing poetry again until things started happening with Doug last year and I felt way less depressed and could actually create things again. And now i’ve kinda hit my stride again as far as writing goes which is really nice. There are still journal pieces I’ll write in my physical one that I don’t post here for no real reason other than sometimes it’s nice doing it with pen and paper.
      As far as any tips? I’m really not sure what to tell you other than… just write. Do stream of consciousness type things. Don’t worry if you start writing about one thing and then by the end you’re talking about something totally and completely different. Also don’t worry about if it’s good or not. You can look up articles on how to find your “voice” which is a pretty important aspect of writing if you want to be solid at it. If i had any articles to share with you I would but i haven’t personally felt much of a need to look it up because (and i dont mean this to sound cocky omg) but writing has kind of always come fairly natural to me? At least when I’m in a place of feeling like I have something to say. If you don’t have anything to say then you’re not going to have anything to write about. But if you have this itching to just get something out on paper, like there’s some kind of physical swell in your chest sometimes when you’re thinking and the only thing you can think to do with it is to put it on paper, that’s how you know there’s something going on in your head that you want to be heard. And that happens to me a lot but I still won’t know what to write about. So then I just write about that.
      focus on feelings too. how different emotions feel to you and how different situations, things that happen to you, and people make you feel. You can also look up prompt generators to practice too if you’re short on inspo.
      I would recommend starting in a journal until you get comfortable with it. But if you feel confident enough already and don’t think that worrying about other people’s opinions on what you write is going to affect your ability, wordpress is a great site. It’s super straight forward and has a great app too for when you want to write but all you have is your phone lol
      I’ve written you a mini novel herein itself haha so sorry about that! If you want to chat more I would be happy to! Just let me know and we can find a more convenient way to do so other than a comment section on a post haha.

      • Thank you so much for your tips and support! I am really excited to see where my writing takes me, and what I can learn about myself in the process. You truly are inspiring ๐Ÿ™‚

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