summer’s over?? why.

everything feels really pointless???

idk i don’t have any motivation rn and i don’t wana do anything but at the same i really wanna do something??

i wana get shitfaced with friends or with acquaintances and hook up with some random dude and not care and just like do irresponsible shit and ???? instead im laying in bed with nothing to do??? fuck this omfg

i’m so sick of this. routine. i hate it. i wana have more random party nights?? getting fucked up?? getting fucked? idk i just wana be a lil crazy i guess but i dont really have anyone to do that with and its so FRUSTRATING god. i just wana make mistakes and do things i’ll regret later!!!!!!! dammit

there’s nothing to do. no one to do it with. i’m bored. i need something exciting for christ’s sake. i need a random make out session or a random hook up. idfc.

MY LIFE IS SO FRICKEN DULL. the most “exciting” development is the sexting with doug??? and that’s lame AS FUCK. if i had a choice i would go for p much anyone OTHER THAN HIM but i have to stoop back down to that hoe’s level just cuz there’s no one else around and it’s fucking annoying and gross as hell. I literally hate this guy’s guts and i’m gona fuck him and let him fuck me and we’ve already sexted like a zillion times and i just am already S O  O V E R  I T. frICK THIS.

why is life so B O R I N G. and not to mention repetitive??????/


but legit how do u do that

how do u spice up life when u live in cow town Washington an hour’s drive from anywhere with any interesting people or things???

i’m hitting a wall here and it’s fricken annoying.

i wana move in with my sis and go to college senior year and meet college age boys from the CITY and get FRICKED and FRUCKED and meet cool people?? not that i don’t already know some cool people here but idk they’re just not all exactly interested in what i’m interested in?? which just gets a lil boring for me sometimes.

i just need EXCITEMENT and i’m NOT GETTING IT. god damn.

the leo in me UNSATISFIED.


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