forgive me, but i’m tired.

mentally and physically.

i haven’t been getting enough sleep. I haven’t wanted the next day to come too fast.

I’ve been thinking about quitting golf.

i can’t seem to juggle it as well with school and friends as last year

and i don’t know how much i enjoy it competitively.

i love it though. when im out there doing it i love it. but im also out there thinking about the other things i could be doing instead.

i want to let myself be.

i’m losing all my interest in school. im more interested in connecting with the people around me. genuine connections. i don’t care about school anymore. that’s weird. i’m going to fail my classes most likely and i dont know how i feel about that. obviously not happy but i can’t tell how much i care or don’t care.

and then there’s everything with doug all this fucking drama and honestly i gave him the letter and now i just want him to talk to me about it so we can move the fuck on im done with conflict and shitty shit. i hate negativity and i want to move the fuck on and get on with shit this literally is not worth all of the drama it’s causing.

i need to sleep. and i need to figure out what I want. and where I’m going. fucking hell.


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