I cried because of you again tonight.

i hope that i can say it’s the last time and not be lying.

you said you never delete photos off your profile, no matter what.

yet there i wasn’t;

the only photo you posted

and possibly the only one you had of our short time together

erased forever.

am i really that easy to delete from your life?

i deleted all of our messages.

it was terrifying.

it was permanent.

and it was liberating.

how quickly things turn around.

“you’re trophy enough”

my best friend tells me.

another friend texts me just because she wants me to celebrate with her

over her newfound love.

and i’m not even jealous.

I’m just glad someone wanted to share their happiness with me.

“she just makes me so happy i wanted to tell you,

because you make me happy too.”

there’s so much good in my life.

i can’t keep letting you get me down.

you’re such an ass.

i deserve better than you.

and you don’t deserve me.

i don’t want to waste anymore tears on you ever again.

i’m done.


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