I think as we get older we generally start looking for more authentic relationships. We want to seek out people who we can be open with and who we can learn to be vulnerable with. We yearn for deeper connections.

I think this happens especially for a lot of people at my age. We’re about to leave the only place we’ve ever known for something totally unknown. And thinking about doing it alone is scary so we start scrambling to figure out who the other people who want to be raw and real are, people who are safe and helpful to open up to.
It’s when we start learning what we value in people and exploring what exactly different relationships consist of and how complex they can be. It’s when we start learning how to communicate our emotions and what we may be going through.
I want to be deeply authentic with people. I want to be raw. I want the confidence to open my heart to the world regardless of who it is that could take it. I want to love everyone openly and honestly because everyone wonderful and worthy of love. If I can fall in love everyone then there’ll never be one person who has my heart. Everyone will have their own tiny pieces of it. Of me. I want to spread myself like wildflowers. Have a positive impact on as many people as possible. I want to experience everything. I want to have a finger in every pie. I want to learn to fall in love with someone new every day; whether its for their face, their voice, how they held the door open for a total stranger, how they helped someone randomly on the street…
I don’t want to hold my heart to myself anymore. And I don’t want to just give it completely to a single someone else.
I want to let my heart wander.
I don’t want to be in love with you anymore.


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