growing flowers in spring

I think I might like a guy. He’s in my ceramics class. He might have flirted with me once or twice.

He’s kind of cute. He has a cute laugh. Blonde, awkward stubble that you can’t really call a mustache.

He’s funny. Something about him is interesting… intriguing.

I think I might like my friend.

I’ve known him since 7th grade, liked him for about two weeks last year.

This time feels a little different.

He told me “we’re a lot alike. you’re like, a more rational version of myself”

For some reason I found that flattering. Perhaps it’s just a want to feel understood.

I think I might like my friend’s older brother.

He’s not particularly attractive (but he does have a cute face).

He works with my mom.

He plays the drums and one night after smoking pot with my friend

She passed out and I came out to find him drunk and we drank a bit more.

Sometimes I feel like he looks at me and wants to say something but holds back.

I used to like a boy in my neighborhood.

Okay, maybe I loved him.


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